Commission: Kore
Campaign: In The Long Run, 2014.
Client: Oasis Belgium

'In The Long Run' is a campaign of Oasis Belgium, an organisation working with trafficked, exploited and isolated people. I was commissioned to take a series of portraits for the campaign website to reflect their ethos and brand design. My challenge was to visually express the humanity of the individuals they work with whilst protecting their identities. I developed the concept of using balloons to obscure the sitters' faces. This ties in with the campaign's symbolic action of releasing balloons to represent the individuals they support.

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  • Oasis first met Ruth when she was working in a Thai brothel in a small town north of Brussels. Regular visits and help with language and debt advice over the last four years have seen women like Ruth start to leave exploitation and establish a new life for themselves.

  • Oasis work with children under six years old living in squats, on the street, or in vulnerable situations in the St Josse area. In November 2013, a large squat called Gesu with a community of 250 people was raided and cleared by the police in a very brutal manner. Oasis help the families of young children to find alternative accommodation and continues to work with the local school.

  • A​t the heart of Oasis’ work in Antwerp is KoffieKlap, a social enterprise coffee bar opened in co-operation with the organization Cherut. This enterprise provides training and work experience for Thai women and others ready to make a new start in life.

  • Fatima came to Belgium from North Africa without any resources and whilst pregnant with her first child. Fatima was living at the Gesu squat in St Josse when it was raided.