Aug 29, 2014

Disposable Exhibition at Ziferblat

Disposable Exhibition at Ziferblat

I am really pleased to bring Disposable to it's 3rd exhibition, this time at Ziferblat London*. This exhibition brings together the works of Bill Wood, R.O.L and Spike Aston. The photographs were taken between September 2012 and October 2013 with disposable cameras. 

Disposable is a photography project working with people who are affected by homelessness in Central London.  The essence of the Disposable project is collaborating with others and building a community. This ethos is echoed in its current exhibition space at Ziferblat* London, a social co-working space.

I will be at Ziferblat London for the duration of the exhibition and I ask you to join me and collaborate with me, through conversation, in turning Disposable into an artist’s book to share with the wider community.

To find out the times when I will be working please contact a member of staff at Ziferblat or contact me directly:

The exhibition is now open until 8 September. Open daily from 12pm - 11pm.

*Ziferblat is a pay-per-minute space at a rate of 5p per minute (£3 an hour).

Disposable’s first exhibition took place at GLO’s outreach venue in Soho in April 2013, followed by a pivotal exhibition at Four Corners Gallery, Bethnal Green in October 2013.

To read more about Disposable please click here